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Eye Anesthesia

Arizona's Premiere Eye Anesthesia Team

Eye surgery is a specialized procedure.

You deserve specialized anesthesia care.


This is what we do.

Arizona Eye Anesthesia is a dedicated team of anesthesia physicians and nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)  committed to delivering high-quality anesthesia services to ophthalmologic patients and their surgeons.

We understand the unique needs of eye surgeons and their patients, and we take pride in delivering a wonderful patient experience.

Our approach is based on patient education, professionalism and kindness.


We believe that an informed patient does better during surgery, and we are proud to provide information to our patients to help them navigate the entire experience.

Most of our patients are awake during their surgeries and we understand that this can be a frightening concept.


This is why our team goes "above and beyond" to foster a sense of calm and trust with our patients.

We know that a relaxed, comfortable patient enables the surgeon to create an excellent surgical result.


And that’s a responsibility that we take seriously.



We Exceed Expectations.


Would you like to learn more about our services?

Please reach out to contact us:

Arizona Eye Anesthesia

(520) 490-2111


We are Dedicated to Delivering Exceptional Care

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