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Arizona Eye Anesthesia
Billing Information

Arizona Eye Anesthesia works with Sunbelt Medical Management to ensure that our bills are submitted properly and that our physicians and CRNA's are contracted with as many insurance companies as possible.

When you have surgery, you receive a variety of bills and invoices. We are well aware of how confusing this can be. We have all been patients too.

In most cases, you will receive three bills:  The surgery center, the surgeon, and the anesthesia team.

These bills are submitted to the insurance company first. They pay their portion and then tell us what we are 'allowed' to bill our patients.

They usually get it right....but not always.

We want to make sure that you are never overcharged. We will work with you in all circumstances and situations to make sure you get excellent and fair treatment.

If you have any questions about your anesthesia bill, please contact Sunbelt Medical Management at (520) 322-6274

Dr. Jones works very closely with the superb team at SMM. Our mission is to make sure your entire procedure is as easy as possible - from diagnosis to surgery to recovery.

Information Coming Soon:

Insurance plans we are contracted with.

Cash Pay Prices

Medicare Information 

Payment Plans


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