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Anesthesia Professionals

Arizona Eye Anesthesia is a new team-oriented group dedicated to providing optimal anesthesia care for ophthalmologic surgical patients.


We are the Eye Mac Team, and work is opening up in Tucson, AZ!


Hurry – these fantastic positions won’t last long.


This is us:


We are a group of anesthesia professionals who value education, leadership, and quality anesthesia care.


Our work combines compassionate patient care with an efficient, professional approach to the business of medicine.


Some people think this is not possible. The Eye Mac Team proves daily that it is. 


We believe in the importance and unique needs of the individual anesthesia professional.


We honor these needs by prioritizing flexibility within our organization. We provide options for shorter days, longer days, and case/facility/surgeon preferences.


We believe that we are professionals – NOT providers.


We believe our work is important. We are advocates for our patients and our professions.


We believe in striving to make a difference in the lives of our patients, our surgeons, and the amazing nurses, techs, assistants, and office staff that make these surgeries possible.


Our mantra is Kind, Fast, and Reliable.


If this vision resonates with you – then it’s time we meet.


Work is currently available in the Tucson area!

Arizona Eye Anesthesia is a group of anesthesia professionals commited to delivering the BEST anesthesia care for Ophthalmologic Surgeries.


Our mantra is "Kind, Fast, and Reliable."


Arizona Eye Anesthesia is a Team. We are CRNA's and MD's who work together to provide optimal patient care and outstanding customer service.


We believe that lethargic corporate models and mediocre hospital-bureaucracies are for other people.


We understand the importance of collaboration, continuing professional development, and camaraderie.


We know that organizations thrive when they value their members' input, dedication, and experience.

We also know this:


· We are not commodities.


· We are not ‘providers.’


· We are not healthcare chattel that can be bought, sold, and traded.





· We constantly strive to excel.


· We work hard to be the best at what we do.



If this resonates – then it’s time we met.

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