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Are you an
Ophthalmologist or
Surgery Center
in Search of

Anesthesia Coverage?

We’re here for you.

  Surgery Centers  

The Arizona Eye Anesthesia Team is a  group of board-certified physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).


Our priority is delivering excellent anesthesia care to our patients, and outstanding customer service to our surgeons, ASC staff, and office personnel.   


The Arizona Eye Anesthesia team takes pride in upholding the core values of kindness, efficiency, and reliability.


Although our team primarily focuses on the specialized care of ophthalmologic patients -but we are fully qualified and available for all specialities of surgical care.  


We are committed to creating an efficient, safe, and enjoyable experience for your patients. 


Many believe that anesthetic care is the same across all surgical specialties, but there is a difference!


Anesthesia for eye surgery requires specific skills and interpersonal qualities.


Our patients are awake and aware. We are dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable experience for our patients and the surgeons and ASC staff who invite us in.  


The anesthesia professionals at Arizona Eye Anesthesia take this responsibility seriously.


We understand the specific needs of the surgeons, the ophthalmologic patients, and the ASC staff, administration, and leadership.


Would you like to learn more?

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Arizona Eye Anesthesia – The Eye Mac Team

(520) 490-2111

Would you like to learn more?
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